Yellow Lotus Triad

The largest and oldest Triad in Seattle, the Yellow Lotus, or 黃荷堂 is centered in Hong Kong and has it’s main business in the traffic and sale of “Kong Chips”, their own brand of BTL chips that are a strong seller all around the pacific rim.

They are also strongly involved in clandestine immigration from SE Asia, as well as organlegging.

Their operations are centered around the International quarter of Chinatown, but they are also active in the Everett docks, and are known to operate several clandestine factories in the Redmond barrens.

Persons of Interest

  • Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan
    Still in his early thirties, Kwan is very young to make it to lodgemaster, and is a recent transplant from the main lodge in Hong Kong. He has been working agressively to expand the lodge, while staying under the radar of the more powerful Yakuza and Mafia. Kwan is known to be a physical adept and a former enforcer for the triad.
  • Master of Incense Su Chen
    A Taoist wizard, or Wujien, Chen is Kwan’s chief advisor. He is only ever seen at night.
  • Hao Long
    One of the Triad’s “red poles”, Long is a fixer and troubleshooter. He is usually composed and smooth talking, but can be ruthless when the situation demands it. He is rumored to be Awakend, although the exact nature of his abilities is unclear.

Yellow Lotus Triad

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