Octagon HK

The Octagon HK is the Hong Kong affiliation of the same Triad crew in Seattle, they are likewise allied to the Red Dragon Triad, though that alliance sees them more as a servant than a real partner.

The Octagon HK is involved in gun running, bet rigging and a range of street racing events where they control all the bets…and the races. The betting at these events is never about who will win, as that’s a given, but rather how many of other competitors will actually finish.

Gang leader Mo-Kway-Lakang is presently in hospital after breaking several ribs and the crew size is down by 50% of its’ members after a bomb went off at a recent street racing event!

Most of the Octagon HK Traid members blame the Red Eye for the incident, though some witnesses said a gweilo started it…which is doubtful, no foreigner would be stupid enough to mess with the Triads on their home turf.

Mo-Kway-Lakang is saying nothing.

Octagon HK

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