SR5 House Rules

Store Discount
All items and positive qualities from Shadowrun books you have personally purchased at Battlefield Bangkok come with 35% discount (round down). This does not apply at character creation, or to Chris. For items, the discount applies both to the price and availability.

Character Creation

  • P.69: Mystic adepts pay 5 karma points, not 2, for each adept power point at character creation. (errata)
  • Dwarves get thermographic vision (Errata)
  • Dwarves and trolls do NOT pay extra costs for most common gear, but their lifestyle costs are increased by 20% and 100% respectively. (Errata)

* Shapeshifter characters may be created in SR5 in the following way: Pick A for race on the priority table, giving you only 1 point to spend on special attributes. Powers, Qualities and Stat modifiers are the same as given in “Runner’s Companion” SR4. Obsolete: Rules now exist in Run Faster.


  • The -2 penalty from sustaining a spell does not affect the following: Initiative, All damage resistance tests, spell resistance tests and counterspelling dice pool.
  • Background count
    Cancelled the house rules on this: Will follow Street Grimoire rules.
  • Background count affects all skill rolls made using the magic attribute and all skill rolls made using an attribute or skill that is magically boosted.
  • The Force of spirits and sustained spells is diminished by the background count when entering an area that has it. Spirits and spells cast inside the area are not affected.


  • Shooting/stabbing through an opaque barrier:

This aims to clarify existing rules on barriers, and avoid unrealistic situations — where a sniper could conceivably shoot through half a dozen concrete walls and still hit a target with lethal force — while still leaving some epic shots possible. Italic is the houserule part.

- Attacking character gets -6 for blind fire in addition to other modifiers. This may be lowered by a spotter, camera view or tacnet. Accuracy is reduced by 1 for each layer of barrier traversed. - Defender does not get Reaction + Intuition unless his is somehow aware the shot is coming. He does get the 4 dice for cover, plus any bonuses for movement, Combat sense etc… - If the attack hits, and modified DV >= Barrier’s Armor – AP: The attack goes through. DV is reduced by 1. AP is reduced by the barrier’s Armor to a minimum of 0

- If the attack hits and the modified DV< Barrier’s Armor – AP, the attack fails.


  • After the conversion to 5th edition, the exchange rate for Nuyen to Karma is now 10 000 nuyen for 1 point of Karma, once per week of game time.
  • I will award 2 to 4 Karma points for posting adventure logs, and will award Karma as well for useful contributions to the wiki. Feel free to flesh out locations, organizations and people you interact with. You are welcome to make up stuff, within reason.

(All of this subject to GM’s case by case approval)

  • New positive qualities from the core book can be bought in-game at 2X the printed cost
  • New positive qualities from newer books (not published at the time of your character creation) can be bought between 1X and 2X printed cost, depending if I feel there is at least some in-game justification for it.
  • Negative qualities can be bought off for 2X the printed value or taken for 1X the value (you gain karma), as long as your total karma from negative qualities does not exceed 25.

SR5 House Rules

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