Shadowrun: A Game of Drones

World News: April-May 2073

New York Times [NYT]–04/28/73
SEATTLE, UCAS: A body was discovered last night in Downtown, Seattle. Though the police are staying quiet about the particulars, they have confi rmed that the unnamed victim did die in the same manner as previous victims found throughout Seattle in the past few weeks. This is the seventh victim to be found of the serial killer some periodicals have taken to calling the Fahrenheit killer, after rumors surfaced of the victims all being burned in identical, yet peculiar ways. Seven weeks, seven corpses, and still no answers from Lone Star. According to one local reporter, this is a case Lone Star doesn’t want to solve. “There has been a lot of serious criminal activity happening her over the past few months, most of it centering around the explosion of Tempo. Police don’t have the time to think about a murderer who is targeting lower-class victims.” Local authorities refused to comment for this article.

MetaLife [Evo]–05/13/71
HONK KONG, HKFEZ: Reporter Ryan Doyle was interviewing local orks and trolls in Hong Kong’s poorest district when he was caught in a flash-riot that erupted between two of the local gangs, both involved in the drug trade. Caught between both sides, Ryan bravely made a live feed broadcast of the battle, continuing his efforts even after being shot. Ryan Doyle died of blood loss thirty-three minutes into the battle, his eyecameras still streaming trideo footage until their battery back-ups died. That footage represents the only record of the Kowloon Massacre. We at Fomorian Times salute Brother Doyle for his noble effort to bear witness to this tragic loss of metahuman lives. Doyle is survived by his wife and three sons. * Read More *

> The Walled City is a creepy place at the best of times, and you don’t need to be a whiz to feel it. When the Triads started going at each other and dozens of civilians got caught in the crossfire, it woke up things that had better been left alone. I don’t care how much the job pays, just avoid that place at all costs until further notice.
> DangerSensei


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