Shadowrun: A Game of Drones

Bat out of Hell!

...where Jostein avoids all fights

So yea, bit of a strange day, you know, one of those days when everything seems to go right, and yet you feel a bit sick, not quite ready to celebrate and really not sure if that’s the right thing to do.

Lets face it, it’s not every day you hand over a fellow human to a bunch of nuts that run a “help the underprivileged scum” club, but I guess if I look it at as a kind of charitable donation to animals in need of homes, then I don’t feel so sick, well there is the other side of that business that makes me feel good about it, but yeat it’s weird.

So damn today was pretty interesting all around, first some black suit bastards come to storm my shack, I wish I could have set up a little gift for them but I reckon with my skill with explosives I’d have blown myself up. Avoided those bastards with no trouble at all and then some wacko summoned a bloody fire spirit right in front of me as I was tanking down the highway at 120. Out with the hammer and we blew right through the thing, BOOM! Bat out of HELL BABY!! Burnt my hair a bit but BOOM! Yea don’t mess with Jostein! After that hooked up with that dumb Troll Ollie and we set about keeping the Blood Mage sedated… shit got really messed up after that. We dumped the mage in Ollies care at Exec Parking, sedated him and I headed off to the Cat Girls place to see if she had any food, my place no doubt having burnt down by now. Anyway Cat Girl was in, even had some Tuborg, not that export shit either! The Orc was there, her place had also been trashed, so we headed down there to check it out.

So short version, we’re about wrapping up checking out the place when a bloody attack chopper turns up…not sure what happened after that as I decided that even with my awesome skills, taking down an attack chopper on the same day as a fire spirit might be pushing the edge a bit! So i bugged out. Met up later with the crew “Smart Troll” turned out to be not so smart, he got nailed by the chopper, though that bastard is tough I give him that. barely scratched!!! So we headed into ACHE, not a nice placem boring, depressing, made my dump look like bloody heaven!

Anyway Thursday rolls around, I bug out to meet Ollie and and get the deal done….it went suspiciously well. No one got shot and we even got a new job offer, overseas too! Seems like it might be a good idea to take it, give the AZTEC Boot boys a bit of time to chill. Anway the animal rights guys seemed to like their gift, I’m pretty sure Ollie liked his….who can tell, he has the facial expression of a glacier!

Right, 24 hours to shop, then it’s meeting time and we’re out of this place…I need some SIMS!


Normally I’d reward you for this cool ramble run report, but I think you got enough reward already.

Bat out of Hell!
Zolt51 Khunkwai

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