KSAF News, February 2073

META [M]–02/14/73
CARTWRIGHT, Salish-Shidhe: Political heiress and drug artist Tiffany Brackhaven has turned
the small Cascade Ork town of Cartwright into a artists’ mecca. Since moving there two years ago, Brackhaven has stepped away from her life as the sole heiress to the Brackhaven empire and focused her attention on her controversial drug art. In that time, Cartwright has blossomed into a thriving ork community attracting thousands of visitors each year. Not one to seek the spotlight, Brackhaven attributes the town’s success to local businesses and the willingness of the people to accept her and those like her.

Most recently Brackhaven herself has accepted something new into her life. Brackhaven has admitted to using the medicinal drug, tempo, also known by its street name, flipside, as a way to help her maintain focus and complete her work.

New Seattle Intelligencer [NN]–02/15/73
SEATTLE, UCAS: Chaos at the Garden of Eden tonight as Red Star paramedics failed to resuscitate 57-year old Toju Shotozumi, noted Seattle philanthropist and investor. Exact details about the cause of death have not been released, but Lone Star and Garden of Eden, Inc. corporate security forces have released trideo images of suspects in what they are calling a murder investigation.

Red Star arrived first on the scene, followed by CrashCart and DocWagon. No word yet on whom the other victims of the attack might be.

> Toju was way up the Shotozumi hierarchy. Also one of the main go-between with them and Mitsuhama. Not sure what’s the angle there, but there’s going to be hell to pay. The yaks were already one edge after losing a bunch of market share to Flipside, now you can bet they’ll go all out. Could be they’ll need some extra manpower to help with that. Could be they’ll pay well for it too.
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> Ollie, you back in town kiddo? We need to talk.
> B.

New Seattle Intelligencer [NN]–02/18/73
SEATTLE, UCAS: In what is being called a response to escalating gang violence, Lone Star
public relations spokesperson, Maxine Poocha announced today that Lone Star would be hiring former Metroplex Guard offi cers to bolster its overtaxed Seattle Fast Response Division.

The move comes after weeks of escalated gang warfare throughout the city. Poocha admitted Lone Star FRT forces had been caught flat-footed by the sudden spike in gang violence. “We were unprepared to handle the level of firepower and military efficiency these gangs are operating with,” she stated. Poocha went on to say that the move would allow the police force to “get out on the street in greater numbers and protect the city from criminal elements.” Read More.

KSAF — 02/18/73
ESSEN, GERMANY. The trillionaire dragon and former Prince of Tir Tairngire might in fact be a princess! Or at least that’s what dracologist Edmund Kraut suggests in his new article. By analyzing his investment patterns at the helm of Saeder-Krupp, as well as his well-publicized feud with rival dragon Nachtmeister, Kraut claims that the dragon, who appears as a silver-haired male when in human form, has in fact shown hints of maternal instincts and behavior.

Read more.

Frontline Reporter [AP]—02/21/73
BOGOTA, FS. Tensions have skyrocketed at the UN today, when Amazonia representative Paiva Acuoa boldly denied Aztlan accusations of sheltering the wanted criminals behind tempo and of providing safe haven for the laboratories and growing fields of the Ghost Cartels. Interpol IDEA top official Majia Wright presented the agency’s findings in a closed-door session with top UN officials.

After the meeting, UN officials held an open forum with member countries. Multiple countries testified on the growing tempo problem within their borders, including the Pueblo Corporate Council, UCAS, Germany, Kenya, France, and Great Britain. Amazonia was noticeably absent from those testifying. Aztlan’s representative made a motion to create a joint Interpol-UN task force to seek out those responsible for the production of tempo, including taking military action against growing fi elds and known laboratories. The other member countries were cautiously supportive of the motion, although CAS and the
PCC both counseled for a peaceful resolution, asking Amazonia to voluntarily work with Interpol to eradicate the Ghost Cartels. Amazonia denied any association
with the Ghost Cartels and said its own internal police forces were investigating rumors of Cartel laboratories manufacturing tempo within its borders. UCAS made a motion to seize the assets of any and all corporations involved in the transportation and distribution of tempo. The Corporate Court will hear the motion in next week’s special session.
Amazonia warned that any military action by Aztlan within Amazonia borders would be seen as hostile and would be met with an equal and appropriate response.

KSAF News, February 2073

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