Shadowrun: A Game of Drones

Coma in Tacoma (Part 1)
A.k.a. Ollie gets a job!

RECORDING: 9/9/2073 …

Is this working!?

Thumping noises…

Okay… test… hello? Anyway, I’m not sure why I’m talking about this. Seems like a bad idea, but if I end up face down on some asphalt one day maybe this might be useful. At worst it’ll be some drek to keep some bored shmuck entertained on the toilet.

So last week we get a call on a job. Usual deal. Meet some stiff at some club, blah blah blah you get the idea. Anyway, the place we end up meeting is Club Infinity. Never been, I’d rather let a dire bear frag me before going back there. Holograms everywhere and every one jacked in with dead looks on their face. Not my kind of place. I’ll take a classic dive bar any day. To me you can’t trust a place unless you can see the shotgun behind the bar. You know?

Anyway, we all go there one by one for some reason. I think some people take running too seriously. It’s a fracking club; people are expected to go there. The Johnson is the typical sort: private room, all you can drink and the usual perks. He doesn’t grace us with a personal appearance; uses a fracking hologram like the rest of the wackos in the place. The gig is legit with a decent payout. Jostein, that poli lovin’ asshole, manages to be useful and kicks up the pay to a cool ¥120k.

So now comes the catch. The job is to off some breeder that’s been in a coma for 9 years. I got no problem with wetwork but what’s the deal with offing some guy who’s been a veg for years already? The Johnson must have some serious bug way up where the credit stick don’t shine. I’m not one to complain though. Soy burgers don’t pay for themselves and this troll needs his 6-8 burger fix.

On a side note, Stuffershack can go frag themselves if they think people don’t notice that they are making the soy burger patties smaller. It used to be that I could get 7 or 8 soy burgers and be good for dinner. Now I need like 10 or 12! And surprise surprise these “new” smaller patties still cost the same. FRAG THAT.

Rustling noises…

Is this still on? Hello? Okay…

So yeah, grease some guy in a coma. Turns out he was some Matrix wiz who probably was jacked in during the last big crash and got dumped hard. The Johnson wants the death to be “natural”. A gunshot to the head is natural right? Anyway, this is all drek, I need to get to the good part.

So the veg is up in this fancy DocWagon clinic in Tacoma. We scout the place and there’s the usual stuff: spirits, magical barriers, cameras, guards, assault teams, sensors… the usual for a corp facility like this. Pretty much means we need to go in quiet. No need to get on the bad side of a corp. While scoping the place one of the hackers gets a brainwave to get one of us on the inside; which means me. BAM. Just like that I’m a legit corp drone doing security for DocWagon.

Guess what… IT’S BULLDREK. First day what do I do? I stand on the FRAGGING PIER all morning watching for… stuff. No fragging clue what the point of doing that was. After wasting my morning on the FRAGGING PIER I head out for lunch and catch up with the team to let them know what’s up. After I lunch I head back. Jostein and Balrog show up a bit later at the DocWagon clinic pretending to be clients. I’m stuck on the FRAGGIN PIER again so I don’t know exactly what Balrog and Jostein are doing. The upshot was that I had access to the basic security feeds so the team could see what was going on without risking another hack.

Now here’s where the drek hits the fan!

Loud clunking noise and a crash…

FRAK! FRAK FRAK! Knocked over my fragging drink.

Loud stomping noise then quiet…


Bat out of Hell!
...where Jostein avoids all fights

So yea, bit of a strange day, you know, one of those days when everything seems to go right, and yet you feel a bit sick, not quite ready to celebrate and really not sure if that’s the right thing to do.

Lets face it, it’s not every day you hand over a fellow human to a bunch of nuts that run a “help the underprivileged scum” club, but I guess if I look it at as a kind of charitable donation to animals in need of homes, then I don’t feel so sick, well there is the other side of that business that makes me feel good about it, but yeat it’s weird.

So damn today was pretty interesting all around, first some black suit bastards come to storm my shack, I wish I could have set up a little gift for them but I reckon with my skill with explosives I’d have blown myself up. Avoided those bastards with no trouble at all and then some wacko summoned a bloody fire spirit right in front of me as I was tanking down the highway at 120. Out with the hammer and we blew right through the thing, BOOM! Bat out of HELL BABY!! Burnt my hair a bit but BOOM! Yea don’t mess with Jostein! After that hooked up with that dumb Troll Ollie and we set about keeping the Blood Mage sedated… shit got really messed up after that. We dumped the mage in Ollies care at Exec Parking, sedated him and I headed off to the Cat Girls place to see if she had any food, my place no doubt having burnt down by now. Anyway Cat Girl was in, even had some Tuborg, not that export shit either! The Orc was there, her place had also been trashed, so we headed down there to check it out.

So short version, we’re about wrapping up checking out the place when a bloody attack chopper turns up…not sure what happened after that as I decided that even with my awesome skills, taking down an attack chopper on the same day as a fire spirit might be pushing the edge a bit! So i bugged out. Met up later with the crew “Smart Troll” turned out to be not so smart, he got nailed by the chopper, though that bastard is tough I give him that. barely scratched!!! So we headed into ACHE, not a nice placem boring, depressing, made my dump look like bloody heaven!

Anyway Thursday rolls around, I bug out to meet Ollie and and get the deal done….it went suspiciously well. No one got shot and we even got a new job offer, overseas too! Seems like it might be a good idea to take it, give the AZTEC Boot boys a bit of time to chill. Anway the animal rights guys seemed to like their gift, I’m pretty sure Ollie liked his….who can tell, he has the facial expression of a glacier!

Right, 24 hours to shop, then it’s meeting time and we’re out of this place…I need some SIMS!

Dead Run, part 2 and 3

So turns out the krauts aren’t the bad guys after all but how were we supposed to know that at the time! I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I? Yea well so there’s the big fight at the hospital, I missed most of that. Bit of fancy wall crawling came in handy when some nasty zombie like things came up the stairs, took the head near clean off one of them, didn’t blink, so the wall crawl fast became a good option.

Anyway, lots of farting around later we find out where the guy we’re looking for is meant to be hanging out. So we rock on out there, I do a few laps and find that the warehouse opposite the place we need to hit is chock full of krauts, all putting guns at me, not very friendly.

So we decide to make a house call, size them up, that’s when we find there’s loads of them and they are after the same nutter that we are, but they want to pay us chump change to help them…negotiations were going badly when the krauts mages return…in pieces! Rock on, the talk is off, it’s hammer time!

Big nasty zombie things, covered in all kinds of blood, well shit, I take no time at all in doing in some summoned freak thing and then I’m in on this blood mage thing! Wham Wham! Some bastard firing bullets into the melee…I’ll deal with that later…wham, oh yea it’s show time, blood mage farts out a few weak spells which I laugh at and ….that’s when I had a bloody horrifying thought!!! Right before that big oaf Troll almost takes the bastard mages head off! Next thing I’m learning First Aid on the spot trying to stop the bugger from bleeding out…it’s pay day baby!!! ALL DAY LONG!!! So anyway the rest of the crew bugger off to deal with the main target, but I have calls to make, lots of calls!!!!

Dead Run, part 1

Take out some poor guy who’s already in a coma, that’s got to be the easiest money a Shadowrunner’s ever made, right?

Except that when the team is finally ready to strike, the target isn’t there any more… and then Zombies start taking over the hospital. Just another day in 2073.

A Stranger in Our House

Played: March to May 2013
Players: Beir, Chris, Martin, Ben, Kirsten, Steven

First part of the Ghost Cartels campaign. The runners are invited to a downtown Seattle strip club (Tickler’s) to meet a Ms. Johnson, who turns out to be a Korean stripper herself. The deal is for the players to put under surveillance two Native American gang operatives involved in the distribution of a new Awakened drug known as Tempo.

After an initial close brush with the gang when trying to locate the target, the first two days of the surveillance are relatively uneventful: One of the targets seems to be cutting a secondary distribution deal with another gang, whereas the other is busy pursuing a tryst with a middle aged woman at a local motel.

On the third day of the surveillance, the players observe the second target, the Elf Xa Firebird, as he attempts to eavesdrop on his gang boss during a meeting at an Everett warehouse complex, exhibiting skills and gear way beyond what would be expected of an average ganger.

Upon reporting to Ms Johnson, the runners are asked to terminate the target for a large reward, immediately and with extreme prejudice.

Steikje Animals

Yea so I wake up and realize that what I thought was a dream is actually just a recurring nightmare….heck I wish it was a nightmare, because how I ended up working alongside these steikje animals I have no idea! So the day was pretty dull, really dull….well okay I got a new bike that I need to pick up and re vamp and change a few tags, but pokker, today I was going to carve up some fitte elf. Bout time too cause I’ve not put down one of those steikje animals for some time. Yea so I get nice and cozy waiting for the kukk suger to roll up to his bike, and just as I’m about to do him…. some rævpuler from the team shoots it!!! J’vla hore….yea no style…no class…just boom and there’s føkkings elf brains all over the føkkings road…føkkings rævpuler , I’m gonna gut that j’vel next!

Yea so other pokker went on but seriously, who cares, yea well we got paid pokker load of cash…spent the whole wad on my bike, it’s one pimped up lille satan now!!!

Soup for One

Played on May 1st, 2013
Players: Cleveland, Ben, Steven, Kirsten

A sideline mission in Hong Kong. The runners are hired by a noodle soup restaurant owner, in order to make sure a rival’s noodle soup factory fails health inspection in the most spectacular way possible.

This ended with the dead rival sharing a soup vat with a ghoul in a gimp suit.

A Fistful of Credsticks

Played: December 2012 to February 2013
Players: Beir, Wuffy, Chris, Martin

The first in a series of modules revolving around Horizon corporation. The runners are originally hired for a routine job of transporting and securing some “special” props for a movie that is shooting for a couple of days at the Seattle Space Needle.

A Fistful of Credsticks tells the adventures of Shadowrunner Jenny Freelance (played by rising Simsense star Pandora),as she races corporate agents and magical sects around the world, to retrieve ancient artifacts of a forgotten age. The director claims it is based on real events.

The set comes under attack by another group of shadowrunners and the team gains the attention of the producers by rescuing Pandora from the attack. They are hired by Charisma Associates (a wholly owned subsidiary of Horizon) to extend their contract for a much more attractive pay as the shooting continues down in L.A. Expenses and transfer included, of course.

On The Run

Ran in November 2012.
Players: Beir, Martin, Wuffy, Anusorn

A classic Shadowrun intro adventure. The runners are hired by a Troll Johnson to retrieve the last record of a dead rock legend.

Once they do find the disk, they find out that not only it’s missing an encryption key, and that there’s a lot of people gunning for it. Including a Horizon security team, another group of shadowrunners, and a mysterious third party.

On this run, the team ended up meeting up with the third party (in a graveyard, of all places) and accepting their offer for the disk. That left them with an offended Johnson but a very nice bundle of cash.

The Bunraku Breakout

Ran in Otober 2012
Participating: Beir, Martin, Dave, Anusorn

The players were hired by a Mafia boss, Don Lorenzo Bigio to retrieve his missing daughter. Discretion is key as he does not want his rivals to learn about his vulnerable family.

After some inquiry, it turns out she had been abducted by the Yakuza – unaware of her identity – to be used in one of their Bunraku, or meat-puppet parlors, a type of brothels where the girls are implanted with a personachip that brainwashes them to best fit the client’s fetishes.

Much noise, smoke, and kicking of gratuitous amounts of Yakuza ass followed, and the runners managed to get the girl just before she was implanted with the chip.


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