A tall, mixed-heritage asian woman with wildly striped orange and black hair. She looks familiar somehow.


NOTEABLE MERITS AND FLAWS: Catlike – Thanyalak is catlike in various respects, including her reflective eyes and smooth-as-butter slink.

Distinctive Style – In VR her avatar is a tiger; not an anthropomorphic tiger … a fucking tiger.

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Tall and imposing, Thanyalak is not what you would call a typical looking asian. First of all, she’s huge, towering over most human men at over six feet, and muscly to the point of not being feminine exactly. The traditionally petite and slim figure of her race is lost in her – though shapely, she’s just too athletic looking to be girlish. Still, she has the pretty almond eyes, flat nose, and tawny skin of some asian ancestry mixed with nordic blood somewhere in her heritage. Then there’s her hair, which is a shocking color of orange with jagged black stripes all throughout it. Lastly, her eyes, far from a typical black or dark brown are green, and oddly reflective of the light around her with feline slitted pupils that widen dramatically when she is curious or emotional. Thanyalak is distinctive looking, and she dresses the part, generally in black leather that highlights her features and doesn’t leave much doubt about her strength.

For those that pay attention to such things, Thanyalak looks a lot like a famous singer / techno music musician named Tigress. (Fame – National)

Jeon 2

‘Tigress’ doesn’t have the catlike eyes, and her hair is black, but to those that have seen Thanyalak up close, it is definitely the same woman. It is a poorly kept secret among the Shadowrunning community that she is the famous icon.


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