Sara "Zong Lai" Wu

Hot teenage, Chinese-American, ork street shaman



Wu Zong Lai, or Sara Wu, is a 6’1" tall olive-skinned, rather attractive (for an ork) ork girl. She has a penchant for wearing high-heeled combat boots. Sometimes she can be spotted wearing a pretty green dress from the most fashionable boutique she could find in the streets of LA or a sharply tailored black business skirt and jacket she acquired on a run in Lagos.

She wears a bracelet with a bear paw symbol, a circlet on her arm with the Chinese word for “illusion” Huang.jpg and an amulet with the Chinese word for “bear”
(Xiong/Hung). Hung.jpg

She also wears a ring with the Caduceus symbol emblazed upon it
a Health sustaining focus taken from a dwarf shaman slain during the On The Run run.


Sara’s family is descended from Chinese shamans and wizards who lived in the southern valleys of China along the Yangtze River. Later, as the magical traditions lost their sway, the Wu clan became opera performers, surviving the tumultuous history of China, until a surviving branch of the Wu clan emigrated to the United States. It branched again and again and again until the Awakening in which the long latent magical attunement of the Wu clan resurfaced. The first of the modern era Wu shamans surface at this time.

Sara "Zong Lai" Wu

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