Joshua Gartner


Status: <deceased>

A top graduate in neurology from Universitat Zurich, Joshua Gartner got his MD at the age of 22 under a scholarship paid for by Saeder-Krupp corporation. He also authored a couple very influencial papers in the domain of human-machine interfaces before being hand-picked (or claw-picked, some say) by SK for a research venture they were starting in Seattle: LiveMatrix Systems.

He married a colleague, Susan Mendoza in 2062 and their daughter Maggie was born soon after that.

They were rumored to be on the verge of a major breakthrough when Crash 2.0 hit in 64. All of their data was lost in the Crash and subsequent fire at their office – due to a power system malfunction. Gartner himself was rescued from the fire, but never regained consciousness.

A memorial service was held for him two weeks after the events of Dead Run. Due to a clerical error, his remains were cremated instead of interred.

Joshua Gartner

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