Mercenary Rigger/Hacker


An old, hairless, albino ork. Pink eyes. Pale white skin mottled by splotches of grey.

Restless, fidgety. Wired by betel and bioware. Can’t keep his hands still, his fingers twitch phantom buttons and manipulate imaginary controls all the time. His eyes dart all over, mentally cataloging everything into friend, foe, or spittoon.

Meet his drones:

Applejack (High-Altitude Surveillance and Combat)
Humanis Policlub trash at your six. Engage?
Roto drone

Fluttershy (Micro Spydrone)
Just a fly on the wall
Mct flyspy

Rarity (Repeater Drone)
Can’t stop the signal!


Jock is a mercenary rigger with a wide variety of technical and combat skills, ranging from personal or remote-control combat to hacking to repairing and modifying drones and vehicles. He isn’t as tough as a dedicated street samurai and isn’t quite as good at hacking as a dedicated hacker, but has enough flexibility to make up for it.


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