Gunther von Mannschaft


Current Status: Active. Appears in Dead Run.

A young and highly ambitious security officer for Saeder-Krupp Corporation, Gunther has been working as the SK-prime bureau chief for Seattle for two years now. Although the corporation does not officially operate in Seattle, there are in fact several dozens of medium sized corporations within the Metroplex that are part of it’s umbrella group of subsidiaries.

As with all of his business interests, the Great Dragon Lofwyr keeps a close eye on these, with SK Prime serving as his eyes and ears, and strong right hand on occasion. He has no tolerance for external interference, and even less for disloyalty or incompetence within his own people.

Although making it to to this rank before 30 is quite an achievement in itself, Seattle is a relative backwater as far as Saeder-Krupp is concerned, and Gunther is worried his carreer might get stalled there if he doesn’t come up with something big that would attract attention from his superiors.

Although the day ended in an apparent failure for Gunther and his team, a certain encrypted file that has been delivered to him might greatly improve his fortunes in the months to come, as well as provide new business opportunities for Saeder-Krupp. Before that however, several of his men may die in tragic accidents.

Gunther von Mannschaft

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