Shadowrun: A Game of Drones

Midnight: Epilogue


Ears ringing from the blast, Ollie stands up unsteadily, leaning on his axe. A quick inspection finds his extremities mostly still attached, his armor and thick Troll hide heavily peppered with shrapnel. The two Jaguar Warriors protecting the mage weren’t so lucky, their bodies sprawled on the cavern floor like broken dolls. Of the mage, only a pair of legs remain. The blast hasn’t been kind to the tiger either. Back in human form, she is slumped against the remains of a crate. Several of her ribs are showing, and half of her face is a mess of meat and shrapnel. A sliver of metal slowly slides out of her ruined eye socket, to bounce on the floor.

Jostein and Sarah seem to be shouting, gesticulating at something behind Ollie.


Pierced in several places, the metal suitcase is rapidly disappearing below the murky waters. Laying down on the pier, Ollie barely manages to catch it, his long troll arm reaching shoulder-deep in the water.

Sarah checks the pulse on Thanyalak: it’s weak and erratic. Her wounds are slowly closing down, bits of shrapnel plopping out of her body, but she’s not stirring.

Feeling something cold against her forehead, Sonora opens her eyes for a very close look at the barrel of Snoop’s gun. She sighs and closes her eyes again, she’s had a rough couple of months.

Back in the warehouse, Frosty and Samriel are waiting for the runners. The Ancients have redecorated the place.. in red. It seems they also found a fridge full of beers somewhere and are passing them around.

Samriel blanches when he sees the mangled suitcase. Frosty seems mostly relieved to find the runners coming back in one piece. While Jostein and Ollie keep an eye on Samriel, the rest of you inspect the Sextant. It looks like a short staff with an armillary sphere of interlocking rings at it’s end. One of the outer rings has broken off. At the center of the rings is a small ball of a withe substance, holding a dull, dark blue gem in int’s center. The rings are covered in a script none of you recognize.

Jane nods, grimly, and closes the suitcase again. “Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad. In any case, our employer will pay you. After facing down a blood mage, that’s the least he can do. Let’s head down to the airport right away… You got a problem with that, Samriel?”

Samriel’s chromed eyes linger a bit too long on the suitcase, then he gives a very slight nod and walks away.


Frosty tells you to stop at a private entrance to the “corporate” airstrip area of the John Wayne airport. She sends a coded message to the guard booth, and the double gates slowly slide open. You’re waved through by guards in flashy Horizon uniforms.

In the corporate area, Frosty directs you to a waiting plane. It’s a sleek little executive jet, without any markings.

“That’s my ride. I wish I could offer you guys a lift, but I’m not heading your way. I’ll transfer your payment now—” she pauses, and a second later your account balance reflects a nice
sized deposit.

“Anyway. Thanks for your help. You guys did great. Really. I know I wasn’t much use, but thanks for the help. I’ve got your number, you’ve got mine … so I’ll be in touch.“

“Here’s the number for a pilot. She’s got a plane ready somewhere around here. She can get you home—a nice straight flight. Oh, and if you don’t want to go back home right away—the
concierge at the Mountain, here in Orange County, is a fellow named Rafael. He owes me a big favor. If you guys want to cash in on it, I’m sure he can get you a suite there—on the house, so to speak. If you need to lay low, you might as well do so in the lap of luxury, right?”


To the winner: The spoils.
- For the last session and taking down the blood mage: 10 karma.
- 45 000 nuyen each as payment from Frosty: 15 000 per person, plus finder’s fee for the sextant of 150 000 split between the team members. No bonus payment because the sextant was damaged.
- Thanyalak will be out cold for a couple of days until the piece of shrapnel lodged inside her skull comes out.
- For those who already had Frosty as a contact, she is now loyalty 2, connection 5. Otherwise, she’s loyalty 1.
- Steelsky smuggler clan as a contact. Loyalty 2, connection 4. (Mostly Ork group, operating in the Midwest and West Coast)
- The Ancients, LA Chapter as a Loyalty 1, connection 4 contact.
- Sonora as a Loyalty 2, connection 3 contact (if you let her live)
- A week’s stay fully paid for (breakfast included) at The Mountain, a luxury resort and golf club near Fun City, in Orange county.
- Free ride back to Seattle when you want it.



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