Shadowrun: A Game of Drones

Dead Run, part 2 and 3

So turns out the krauts aren’t the bad guys after all but how were we supposed to know that at the time! I’m getting ahead of myself aren’t I? Yea well so there’s the big fight at the hospital, I missed most of that. Bit of fancy wall crawling came in handy when some nasty zombie like things came up the stairs, took the head near clean off one of them, didn’t blink, so the wall crawl fast became a good option.

Anyway, lots of farting around later we find out where the guy we’re looking for is meant to be hanging out. So we rock on out there, I do a few laps and find that the warehouse opposite the place we need to hit is chock full of krauts, all putting guns at me, not very friendly.

So we decide to make a house call, size them up, that’s when we find there’s loads of them and they are after the same nutter that we are, but they want to pay us chump change to help them…negotiations were going badly when the krauts mages return…in pieces! Rock on, the talk is off, it’s hammer time!

Big nasty zombie things, covered in all kinds of blood, well shit, I take no time at all in doing in some summoned freak thing and then I’m in on this blood mage thing! Wham Wham! Some bastard firing bullets into the melee…I’ll deal with that later…wham, oh yea it’s show time, blood mage farts out a few weak spells which I laugh at and ….that’s when I had a bloody horrifying thought!!! Right before that big oaf Troll almost takes the bastard mages head off! Next thing I’m learning First Aid on the spot trying to stop the bugger from bleeding out…it’s pay day baby!!! ALL DAY LONG!!! So anyway the rest of the crew bugger off to deal with the main target, but I have calls to make, lots of calls!!!!


Nice! And he’ll keep making those calls!

Dead Run, part 2 and 3

I feel an in character write up coming on!

Dead Run, part 2 and 3
Zolt51 Khunkwai

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