Shadowrun: A Game of Drones

Attack on Cali!

CNN – 06/18/73


Two days after the first reports on an Amazonian attack on the Aztlaner city of Cali, reports are finally starting to emerge from the secretive war zone. According to sources on the ground, a Western Great Dragon tentatively identified as Sirrurg has assaulted the local Aztlan military base and facilities. Trid recordings of the incident show him leading a large-scale attack, composed of a half dozen other feathered serpents, a dozen or so wyverns, and a large horde of drakes, spirits, lindworms as well as various well-known (some say, infamous) members of GreenWar and mercenaries for hire. The overwhelming surprise attack on the military base turned into an Aztlaner bloodbath.

 The locals reported that the attack lasted for three straight hours. Tens of thousands of rounds were fired during that time, and many were  fired randomly at the airborne attackers, which ended up doing more damage to the city than the actual attackers. Tanks were heard  ring their salvos at the dragons. Hundreds of mortars were fired.  The thousands of Aztlan soldiers who were stationed at the base sought in vain for some type of sanctuary from the rage and the destruction that bore down upon them, but found none as they were torn into pieces by the raging dracoforms.

Some of the security footage, hacked from the base’s nodes and released on the Matrix, showed that several dozen Aztlan soldiers, after it had become apparent that they were  fighting a hopeless battle, tried to surrender to the feathered serpent’s forces. In the
trid footage, the surrendering soldiers were massacred at Sirrurg’s whim, and the big lizard indicated no interest in showing mercy to the metahumans. All the buildings on the base were ripped apart and left in shambles. Pieces of metahuman bodies were left to rot. By the time reinforcements reached the base, Aztlan had lost up to five thousand troops and tens of millions of nuyen worth of military equipment.

Unfortunately the casualties would not be limited to the Aztlan base, as Sirrurg chose to cast one  final spell before leaving Cali. Drone and security cameras, at 12:58 pm on June 18,
2073, caught a brilliant  ash of blue light that enveloped a great portion of the business districts of the city. When exposed to the blast, people in the blast radius simply dropped dead. It didn’t matter what metatype they were or even how old they were; they just dropped. None of the structures or any of the plant life in the area seemed affected. It took weeks just to figure out how many people died, but the final tally said that in those few seconds, close to another ten thousand people died from the magical assault.

> From what I have learned, I can speculate that the magic Sirrurg used was either fueled by or was tied directly into his inherent ability to alter fate. I have acquired many of the autopsy files of the people that died in that attack (including a couple of close friends), and it seems as though each person died of a specific condition that they would have eventually died from based on their genetic profiles. We’re talking about the sudden onset of heart attacks in people who were otherwise currently healthy, aneurysms that previously there were no signs of a weakness in those arteries, respiratory disorders, cancers, genetic disorders; conditions and diseases that were not an immediate problem for the person but could have become a problem in the future had those genetic conditions not been treated. This magic abruptly triggered and accelerated all these conditions in all those people. Simultaneously. And no one was immune from those effects, not even newborn children that had just barely begun their lives.
> Frosty
> The loss of life in that attack is staggering but some good did come out of it. In all the chaos, Amazonia forces crossed the border and entered Cali a few days after this devastating attack. Aztlan had not had the time to completely recover from the loss and was easily forced out. Cali has become the first major city in this war to fall to
Amazonia. And Amazonia is digging in.
> Hard Exit


Zolt51 Zolt51

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